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Very High Effciency 180-215 lm/Wat. 
Lights that Purifies the Air Killing Virus, eliminating smoke and odors.

The Possibilities are Endless

MORE THAN LIGHT MIDDLE EAST provides the best solutions in the Lighting Market. If you need EFFICIENCY, SAFE, HEALTHY AND CUSTOMIZATION, our Engineers and Designers, together with our Factory Partner, will get for you all that you need. We take pride in making it easy for you to enhance your space with the exact Lights and looks that you want. Now you can stop the proliferation of Infection by Virus present in the Air with WIVACTIVE TECHNOLOGY and more.



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We are a LED technology-based linear lighting products and services provider whose growth is underpinned by quality, service, innovation and commitment. These values with a high human factor are perfectly combined with the top-level technology required for conducting our activity.
Two years ago, we decided to launch a program to improve our performance and turn Tecsoled into an innovative and more agile company with a solid base and forward-looking projects.
Having reached the end of this intense phase, we are pleased to look at our recent past and realize that we have been able to implement a simple and standardized operational system, treble our logistic capacity and double our productive capacity, create a commercial network serving the whole of Spain and extending internationally, invest 20% more in research and innovation and promote a culture of consistent growth and high performance.
This improvement program was based on four cornerstones that are now fundamental to our company’s structure and present throughout our entire journey as we accompany our customers.

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Good to Know

Thanks to all of you who have collaborated in any of these projects: architects, decorators, interior and outdoor designers, lighting stores and lighting installers. Thank you for such special proposals and for having placed our product in such a good position.


The most efficiency Led Lights

Sports - Industrial - Street Lights - Garden Lights

NTE has been designing, manufacturing and selling different types of luminaires for 10 years, placing its main interest in the development of products based on state-of-the-art LED technology, due to its high light quality and low energy cost.
At this point, the company has reached a commitment with its customers to guide them in an increasingly complex market, making available the best technical advice as support to achieve their lighting objectives in the most productive, safe and sustainable way possible.
Currently, NTE has set itself the objective of expanding its brand and the values it represents in the world of lighting, which is why it has established a highly qualified commercial network with long experience at national and international lev



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Wiva Group is an Italian company in the lighting sector with a strong orientation toward technological innovation, energy savings, health, and the environment. In 2007, a group of creative and committed professionals pooled their diversified experience and expertise to establish the company. Today Wiva Group boasts a solid ownership, organizational, and commercial structure with important partnerships and collaborations with research and technology firms and institutes. Wiva Group produces electric light sources, LED lighting devices, electrical supplies, and electronic lighting power supply and controlgear.

 Driven by creativity, competence, and inventiveness, Wiva Group is distinguished for its ongoing quest for innovative solutions, attention to quality, and ability to anticipate and interpret market trends.

 Our efficient and well organized sales network ensures our solid position in the market, with command of the various sales channels and geographical areas. The highly distinctive Wiva Group brand and product portfolio are effectively illustrated in well-designed information materials and packaging that provide clear and complete product characteristics and specifications.

 Uninterrupted growth and high level of achievement provide the thrust for Wiva Group’s pursuit of excellence, reaffirming the meaning of its longstanding mission:

“Rethink lighting to promote wellbeing and improve quality of life”



INDUSTRIAS JOVIR, S.L. was founded in 1978 and has been making metal structures for electrical use ever since. We have our very own galvanising plant and automated robotised thermo-lacquered painting installations. in 2003 we opened a hot dip galvanizing plant and since 2012 have termolacada painting facilities.

We have facilities covering an area of 70,000 m2 housing our factory lines: lighting, electrical distribution, galvanising and painting.

We make curved posts and straight columns for street lights, high masts with a moveable or fixed crown, metal lattice masts and lighting for large areas or sports stadiums, as well as braces to support floodlights and lamps.

For the carrying and distribution of electricity, we provide tubular masts made of sheet metal and metal masts (plus fittings) for electrical cables, as well as structures for electrical substations and metal parts for Transformer Substations for electrical companies.

We also produce telephone, radio and television masts.

We are approved suppliers of the main electrical companies such as IBERDROLA, ENDESA, GAS NATURAL FENOSA and E.ON ESPAÑA.

Engineering and R+D

The technology INDUSTRIAS JOVIR S.L. has, and the flexibility of our processes, means we can produce products to meet the individual technical and commercial specifications of our clients.

Our proven experience, coupled with our versatility, excellent production quality and customer service, ensures we can tackle international markets safe in the knowledge we can meet the technical and quality demands of any of them and fulfil the aims and objectives of our clients.

Our ongoing investment in Research and Development ensures we can always offer the very latest as regards products, quality, design, services and implementation.




Aquagrif SL, is a family owned company founded in 1992 with a 25 years experience in the water treatment sector.

Aquagrif SL, manufactures and markets products related to the bathroom sector through its own brand AQG such as: bathroom faucets, kitchen faucets, bath and shower systems, hydrotherapy, shower columns, bathroom accessories, among others.

The company has its headquarters in Sant Joan Despí (Barcelona) with facilities that extend more than 3.000 square meters distributed in offices, assembly chain, R&D, design, quality control (testing laboratory) and logistics.

The brand AQG offers a wide range of products always adapted to the clients needs and at the forefront of the last trends in the market achieving the possibility to offer optimum solutions for the bathroom.

Nowadays, AQG is undergoing a internationalisation and expansion process adapting itself to each market needs in order to offer all the products at an international level.

The company always offers quality products at competitive prices being able to offer a wide range of options adapted to the preferences and needs of their clients: classic products, design products, innovative products, eco-efficient products, but above all continues offering reliable products thanks to the strict quality controls.

Aquagrif and its staff are committed to the customer service and to the quality of their products at competitive prices.