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Wiva Group is an Italian company that operates in the lighting business with a strong focus on technological innovation, energy saving, and protection of health and the environment.
The business was set up in 2007, the result of the creativity and commitment of a group of professionals with diverse skills and experience and, today, Wiva Group is a company with a sound corporate, organizational and commercial structure that is engaged in important partnerships and cooperation in the research and technology world. 
Wiva Group produces light sources, LED light fixtures, and electrical and electronic lighting drivers and controls.
A continuous quest for innovative and effective solutions, attention to quality and the ability to anticipate and interpret market trends are the company's key business drivers, enabling Wiva Group to be at the forefront in its field thanks to its creativity, expertise and versatility.
An organized and effective commercial network has created a solid presence in the market, with regard both to the different distribution channels and the various geographical areas. The Wiva Group brand and range of products are easy to recognize and highly distinctive thanks to the publicity material and packaging, that are the focus of particular dedication and that are effective in providing precise and full information on the features of products.
Stable growth in the company's business and the excellent results that have been achieved strengthen Wiva Group's commitment to excellence, giving fresh impetus to what has always been its mission: “Innovation in lighting to create wellbeing and improve the quality of life”.

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Ecology and New Technologies S.L. (NTE) is a dynamic company that has managed to consolidate itself in the market of LED lighting at a national and international level, always using state-of-the-art components and the highest quality and searching to keep competitive prices .

Our experience in innovative products is based on a profund knowledge and understanding of new technologies, the key being our technical team that helps customers save resources, working in a more productively, safely and sustainably way.

With Efficiency, NTE goes one step further in the creation of lighting solutions combining high technical performance with maximum energy efficiency, reducing consumption up to 40% more than traditional LEDs. Convinced of bringing a new point of view in terms of innovation and quality in the lighting market with our products, NTE offers from Efficiency a wide variety of luminaires for industrial, road, sports and architectural projects, providing our clients with a correct lighting in the work areas, in addition to bring energy efficiency to the facilities, contributing to a significant reduction in the electricity bill and decreasing the environmental impact.



We are the result of cooperation between many people, working together to provide the best customer service. Over 15 years of passionate work, we have grown and evolved into a leading firm in the sector, known for our high-quality product and services.