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MORE THAN LIGHT MIDDLE EAST offers just it, the best and innovative Lighting Companies worldwide. Why?. Very High fficiency, Innovative products, the best Service and the best balance quality price. Do you want more?. Contact us on


We are a LED technology-based linear lighting products and services provider whose growth is underpinned by quality, service, innovation and commitment. These values with a high human factor are perfectly combined with the top-level technology required for conducting our activity.

Two years ago we decided to launch a program to improve our performance and turn Tecsoled into an innovative and more agile company with a solid base and forward-looking projects.

Having reached the end of this intense phase, we are pleased to look at our recent past and realise that we have been able to implement a simple and standarised operational system, treble our logistic capacity and double our productive capacity, create a commercial network serving the whole of Spain and extending internationally, invest 20% more in R&D and promote a culture of consistent growth and high performance. This improvement program was based on four cornerstones that are now fundamental to our company’s structure and present throughout our entire journey as we accompany our customers.

Each project writes a new story, where we let imagination run free and inspire others to think outside the box. The technical and advice bases with which we began have evolved at an unimaginable pace. Direct contact between our customers and a team that bases its performance on professionalism and empathy generates a relationship of mutual trust that makes us part of each stage in this story. We don’t just advise and we don’t just give quotes. Instead, each job is imbued with our essence, from our own development of new and innovative products to adaptation and Interaction of control systems and the designing of tailored projects

Group's commitment to excellence, giving fresh impetus to what has always been its mission: “Innovation in lighting to create wellbeing and improve the quality of life”.



Ecology and New Technologies S.L. (NTE) is a dynamic company that has managed to consolidate itself in the market of LED lighting at a national and international level, always using state-of-the-art components and the highest quality and searching to keep competitive prices .

Our experience in innovative products is based on a profund knowledge and understanding of new technologies, the key being our technical team that helps customers save resources, working in a more productively, safely and sustainably way.

With Efficiency, NTE goes one step further in the creation of lighting solutions combining high technical performance with maximum energy efficiency, reducing consumption up to 40% more than traditional LEDs. Convinced of bringing a new point of view in terms of innovation and quality in the lighting market with our products, NTE offers from Efficiency a wide variety of luminaires for industrial, road, sports and architectural projects, providing our clients with a correct lighting in the work areas, in addition to bring energy efficiency to the facilities, contributing to a significant reduction in the electricity bill and decreasing the environmental impact.

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Our history is our guarantee, our values define us.

Made up of the brands Troll, Metalarte and Sagelux, Luxiona is a group specialised in the development, manufacture and marketing of lighting solutions. It is based in Spain and has subsidiaries in France, Italy, Poland, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Chile and China, as well as three production plants in Europe and South America.

We produce lighting solutions that not only serve to project light in a space, but do so in a way that is perfectly suited to needs and with the least possible environmental impact. In this way we manage to create unique atmospheres and sensations, healthy, respectful of society and kind to the environment, which ensure the maximum satisfaction of our customers.



Designed for You

INDUSTRIAS JOVIR, S.L. was founded in 1978 and has
been making metal structures for electrical use ever
since. In 2003 we opened our very own galvanising plant.
Since 2012 have paint termolacada facilities.
We have facilities covering an area of 70,000 m2 housing
our factory lines: lighting, galvanising and electrical
We make curved posts and straight columns for
street lights, high masts with a moveable or fixed
crown, metal lattice and sheet metal masts for lighting
large areas or sports stadiums, as well as braces to
support floodlights and lamps.
For the carrying and distribution of electricity, we provide
tubular masts made of sheet metal and metal masts
(plus fittings) for electrical cables, as well as structures
for electrical substations and metal parts for Transformer Substations for electrical companies.
We also produce telephone, radio and television masts

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